Our Events

In addition to being a full service event management & production company, we also own and operate several events of our own!

Here is a description of events that we own and operate:


The World’s only Airline crewmember convention! One World ~ One CREW! CREW-Con unites employees and retirees from every airline in the world in downtown Las Vegas, NV each year for five whole days of shopping, partying, dining, professional development, and FUN! CREW-Con also boasts a robust shopping and discount membership program that is available to every attendee of CREW-Con! More information about CREW-Con can be found HERE or at www.CREW-Con.com

YAE! Conferencing:

This conference series is designed to bring Believers In Christ, Pastors, and Speakers all together for a time of spiritual growth, prayer, and worship multiple times throughout each year in various places around the United States! Attendees of each YAE! Conferencing event leave with a robust discount and shopping program similar to the one mentioned with CREW-Con!
More information on YAE! Conferencing can be found HERE!

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