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As a full service company, we are able to take your event from idea all the way through to reality! We are also able to assist with just one element if that is what you desire. Below is a list and description of the services we are able to provide.

Since we customize all of our services to fit your needs, please contact us to receive an estimate that is as unique as your event!


We take a personal approach here at Wingspan Events. In this, we like to understand your event from front to back, top to bottom, and everything in between! Your function is as important to us as it is to you!

We will sit down with you (in person, via phone, video conference, and any other means available) and help you plan out your event from start to finish! When we get done, you will have a road map from the starting point to the finish line and beyond of exactly how your event will function, how much staff you need, the venues that you need, and even target pricing points! ¬†Our Planning service really is comprehensive; the best part, it’s only the beginning!

Market Analysis

After we have completed the Planning process mentioned above, we move on to the market analysis portion of your event! Every event has a Target Market. We look at that market and work with you to determine a “goal” for attendance purposes. This is what we use to determine things like venues, menus, supplies, and many other things.

This is also what helps you and us gauge the success of your event and plan for events in subsequent years! This is just the start of our data collection process.

Sourcing & Contracting

Once we have a plan, have determined our goals (both attendees and vendors), and determined our demographics and market, we will begin to source everything from venues to supplies.

This step is probably one of the most fun pieces of the process! This is where we get to go look at venues, create menus, and use our imaginations to create the environment surrounding the event! We will show you as many venues as you would like to see from hotel rooms to parking lots to ball rooms to anything you can imagine!

After we get done sourcing the venues and we narrow down what we need, we will begin to negotiate with the various entities that are involved in bringing your event to fruition! Once we have a contract that we feel comfortable with you signing (based on our experience), we will present it to you for your approval. Upon your approval, Wingspan Events will sign the contract with the venue and suppliers on your behalf and move forward with the rest of the process. We call this the point of no return. Because of that, we will give you our candid opinion, review the plan, and make sure that everything adds up before executing the contracts. We want to make sure that everything is PERFECT and according to our plan (Developed in step one) before we proceed.

Attendee Ticket & Vendor Booth Sales & Management

Attendees can make or break your event! An event cannot go on without attendees, and we understand that! That is why we help you get them (as long as it is not a private event), whether they have to pay or whether it is a free event, we will help you procure and then manage everyone that is attending your event!

Vendors are people who are allowed to sell products at your event. Some events have them and some do not. Whether your event requires vendors or not is completely up to you, however, if you want vendors, we have an extensive list of companies that are willing to pay to be a part of your event, and we can market your event to them to help you generate financing and interest.

Whether it is attendees or vendors, we will not only help you procure them, but we will also collect payment and help you manage them from registration to departure.

One unique feature we offer is that we have other attendee lists from other events. We scan these lists of attendees and vendors to ensure that there is no security issue with them and bring it to your attention so that you can make a decision on how you would like to proceed. This enhances the security of your event and helps create a safe and responsible environment around your function.

Advertising & Publicity Management

Once you have chosen us as your wingman (if your event is not private), we will begin to market your event to the masses! This includes but is not limited to, creating social media pages, purchasing advertising, and much much more. We will even create press releases of your event and send them to the pertinent news outlets to generate media attention of your event.

Event Production

There is a point in a function’s natural process of evolution where it is time to get out of the office and put the boots on the ground at the various venues that an event is contracted with. We do this for you too! This is what we call the “Production” stage of the event.

When it comes time for production, that is, the set up and pre arrival of people, we make sure that we have on site management ready to coordinate everything from how many paperclips are needed to the check out of attendees and vendors and tear down of the event itself.

We ensure that your event is produced to the fullest and most perfect extent possible!

Event Management

This is the process of ensuring your event runs smoothly, efficiently, and cost effectively! We will take care of everything from bill payments, fee collection, work force management (including hiring), and crowd management to scheduling and over all operations. The purpose of us managing your function is simple, we want you to enjoy it! This is your event, and you should be able to participate to the fullest extent and not have to worry about what is going on behind the scenes

Data Collection & Dissemination

Data is almost as important as money when it comes to events, and we treat it as such! We strive to collect as much data as possible so that we know, from all aspects, what works and what does not work. This is an important piece of planning information that we use to plan for events far into the future so that we can set your function up for success, not only in this year, but in the next and the next and even the next one after that! We want your event to be so successful that it will be a recurring function year after year after year!

After your function is completed, we will compile all of the collected data, analyse it, explain it, and use it to generate an Event Recap & Analysis that will explain what worked and what did not work in each stage of the event. We use this to identify areas of improvements as well as to come up with ways to meet attendee and vendor requests to make your future events even better than the first.

Other Services As Required

From time to time, there are things that come up that may require special attention. Problems will arise, there is no doubt about this, however, we will be there to handle them. When we come up with a plan, we will also come up with back ups and residual back ups for those. Once a need is identified, we will, together, employ a plan to meet the need, whatever it may be. Remember, we are your Wingman!

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